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Smoothies are blended fruit-based drinks, consisting of fruit, liquid and a frozen ingredient. they are also referred to as smoothees . Next to fresh fruit you can also use vegetables. The liquid part can be milk, yogurt, water, apple juice, etc. The frozen ingredient is mostly a frozen fruit, but also ice cubes, frozen vegetables and more variants are possible.

Smoothies were first made in the ’30s as pureed fruit drinks. Later in the’40s the first smoothie recipes books were in the stores.

In 1960 the electric blender was introduced and smoothies were made in households all over the world. The food retailer Smoothie king opened his first store in 1973 and is a worldwide company at the moment.

In the ’80s smoothies became popular with the health fanatics.

Smoothies are also used in a lot of diets and detox treatments. Lots of people started drinking green smoothies. Most green smoothies consiist of vegetables and some fruits to add a natural sweet flavour.

I like my smoothie in the morning as breakfast and now and then I bring a green smoothie to work for lunch. Also, I like to present smoothies for dessert with sugar or honey added.

On my blog you will find all sorts of smoothies and only the best smoothies of course.