Green smoothies

Green smoothies



Hello smoothie lovers!! These are all the the best green smoothie recipes! Check out our best smoothies! Blend and taste for yourself!

For green smoothies we use a mix of vegetables, some fruit and a liquid part. The liquid part may be water, apple juice, skimmed milk, fat free yogurt and more.
A lot of the green smoothies can also be used as a diet smoothie. Not all people however like raw vegetables as breakfast. But try before you die! :) I mostly drink my green smoothie at lunchtime.

Very important to know about green smoothies is that you rotate your vegetables. All vegetables hold a really small amount of toxins. There could be a really small change that after eating the same raw vegetable every day would result in some toxicity. Do not be afraid now because you would have to have some medical condition and still the change would be almost null.
Anyway do not take any change it is good to rotate raw vegetables because they all have a different structure of vitamins and minerals. This will enhance the nutritional diversity of your diet.