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Bell pepper avocado smoothie

Bell pepper avocado smoothie

Bell pepper avocado smoothie


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 2

Serving size: 1 glass

Calories: 190

This yellow bell pepper avocado smoothie will rock your day! The grilled bell pepper will add an smokey flavour to your green smoothie.

Yellow bell pepper avocado smoothie with its yellow color is not your average green smoothie. Bell pepper though is a perfect veggie with many minerals and vitamins to boost your day.

And yes, of course you can make this smoothie with a green or red bell pepper :)

After preparing your bell pepper in the oven you can also freeze the bell pepper pieces in your freezer.
This will be more efficient if you make another green smoothie with bell pepper another time.

As you can imagine is my freeze packed with frozen vegetables and fruits :)
  • ⅔ cup yellow bell pepper (about ½ bell pepper)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • 1½ cups fat free yogurt (360 ml)
  • ⅓ cup water (80 ml)
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 2 teaspoons hemp seeds (10 ml)
  1. We will grill the bell pepper in the oven to give the smoothie a smokey flavour. Remove the stalk of the pepper and get rid of the seeds and pith. Cut the pepper lengthwise in big chunks.
  2. Wash the chunks and dry. Grill the pieces in your oven on tin foil for about 15 minutes at 350 Fahrenheit (175 Celsius).
  3. When the pepper pieces are cooled you can peel the skin away.
  4. Peel the banana and avocado. Cut them in pieces and toss them together with all the ingredients in your blender.
  5. Blend till smooth for about 45 seconds.